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Andrew Alling is a singer-songwriter who resides in Ithaca, N.Y. Following the Grateful Dead around in the late '80s and '90s, he supported himself as a street musician, visiting 46 states. He played keyboards with jam bands while living in Syracuse, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, California and Nashville. He now performs  exclusively on acoustic guitar, organ bass pedals and the harmonica. He does this all simultaneously.
Andrew is a one-man three-piece singer-songwriter jam band. Strongly influenced by the folk revival of the late '60s and the 70s songwriting movement, he believes in keeping his sound clean without using effects pedals and live looping recording devices.
He has written more than 100 songs and self-produced more than six CDs. Balanced with his current yoga practice, his music speaks of politics, love, hardship, truth, adversity and hope. You can buy his music, but catch one of his live shows.

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